Scott Wieland
Employee Benefit Specialist

I have spent the last 23 years working in the Employee Benefits field. After the first four years working for a third party administrator for self-funded clients in Dubuque, I moved to Madison in 1999 to work in sales for a local HMO. Since 2001, I have been working as an employee benefit specialist in the Madison area specializing mainly in health insurance.

I have been to over 35 seminars on Healthcare Reform so I am able to help employers and individuals navigate the variety of options.  The choices have become increasing confusing and seem to change every week.  We work very hard to stay on top of the changes and proactively educate clients.

My clients range from 2 employees to over 100.  I have worked with clients over 1,000 employees but find that many employers with less than 50 employees are often not provided the appropriate attention they deserve by the “big” agencies.  I believe they deserve the same education and attention that employers over 50 get, so the 2-50 employee companies have become a focus for me. My clients also have the availability to some awesome Human Resource tools and live help that many smaller businesses do not currently get from their agent, but find extremely valuable.

Scott Weiland

To contact Scott:

(P) 608-807-4775
(F) 608-467-7772

1806 Seminole Hwy,
Madison, WI 53711

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